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How Integrated Pharmacies Are Designed to Work for You


At Village Medical™, we strive to help you in your “Journey to Well.” This journey may include some fun stops and some that are less than enjoyable, and we have created integrated pharmacies to make your interaction with the pharmacy one of the enjoyable stops. Through the integrated pharmacy experience, we elevate the pharmacist into a key role on your primary care team. Today, more than 250 of our Village Medical practices are participating in this model, meaning they are either connected directly to the practice or have a pharmacy close by, with plans to eventually have an integrated pharmacy at all Village Medical practices.

What is an integrated pharmacy?

Having an integrated pharmacy as part of your primary care team helps to break down the walls, literally and figuratively, between your primary care provider (PCP) and pharmacist. This is done by:




  • Giving pharmacist access to your electronic medical record so they can have a full picture when making decisions about medication safety.
  • Having a direct phone line, an instant messaging platform, and monthly meetings between your PCP and pharmacist to discuss patient care, practice updates, and build better relationships and trust.
  • Having a collaborative practice agreement between the pharmacist and PCP, which is a legal document that allows the pharmacist to perform specific patient care activities with the permission of your PCP.

How integrated pharmacies can benefit you?

Imagine you are visiting your PCP for a blood pressure check-up, and it is running slightly higher than where you want it to be. Your PCP adds a second blood pressure medication to your daily routine. However, you just filled your other blood pressure medication two weeks ago and now the refills are not lined up between the two medications, and you know it will be difficult to get to the pharmacy twice a month to refill your two different medications. The next time you are at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription you talk to the pharmacist about how you are having to come twice a month and that it is not convenient for you. In addition, you explain the new prescription is very expensive with your insurance. Because you have an integrated pharmacy, your pharmacist is able to:

  • Sync your two medication refills to match so you only have to come once to pick them up.
  • Change your prescriptions to a 90-day prescription limiting the number of trips to the pharmacy.
  • Check for less expensive options for your medication based on your insurance.
  • Offer prescription delivery to your home if available.

Having an integrated pharmacy is one way we are working to help personalize the care you need, when and where you need it. The time has come for pharmacies to be partners with you and your health care team, and we are leading the charge. We are changing healthcare to help make it easier for you to get well and stay well.