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Compliance and privacy

VillageMD is committed to conducting business honestly and ethically. The VillageMD Compliance Program is designed to promote a culture of compliance by providing compliance guidance and oversight as a means to support compliant and ethical behavior throughout the institution. We strive to ensure VillageMD complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies, and that all workforce members have a resource to ask questions and make decisions consistent with the Compliance Program.

Reach the VillageMD Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Michelle O'Neill, by emailing:

The Privacy Program

VillageMD believes that patient privacy is an integral part of the health care we provide. The VillageMD Privacy Program is about establishing policies and safeguards to ensure that our patient information is kept confidential.

Want to learn more about how we protect your information?
Click here to view our Notice of Privacy Practices

The Compliance Program

The VillageMD Compliance Program is all about doing the right thing. VillageMD is committed to promoting a culture where ethical behavior is a part of basic health care delivery.

If you have a compliance concern:
Report to the Compliance Hotline via call 1-855-252-7606 or the website