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Celebrating Our Doctors

This Saturday, March 30 is National Doctors' Day. It is a day where we can take a moment to recognize and honor the commitment of our doctors, who devote their lives to caring for others. It is also a time to reflect on the impact they have on our own lives and to express our gratitude for their service. Whether they provide care, comfort, or expertise to us during times of illness or health, our doctors are integral to the health and well-being of us as individuals, our family and our community.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, famously said, “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity,” and our doctors at Village Medical™ show this every day in their unwavering commitment to their patients. Their compassion and empathy create a sense of trust and reassurance that makes a significant difference in the health and well-being of their patients.

Praise from Patients

Ongoing relationships with a primary care doctor or advanced practice provider* (APP) helps us maintain our health through regular check-ups and preventive care, help us to get a diagnosis of our problems and get the appropriate treatment. It is the expertise, knowledge and understanding of our doctors that allow us to better understand our health and live better. Here are just a few testimonials around the important role doctors play in our lives.

  • “On my first visit, Jenny Ho was kind and attentive. I’m so happy to have come across her practice as I have not had the best of luck in finding a primary care provider. As a patient it can be a very vulnerable experience and at a time when I can say my every day is being affected by physical and emotional matters, it’s extremely important to find someone that actually cares and has compassion within the healthcare system. I am happy to say that I found my primary care physician after searching for a while. Thank you, Dr. Jenny and staff. Your care and hard work it’s truly appreciated and not taken for granted.”  Village Medical Patient, Phoenix, AZ

  • [Julius] DeBroeck is the kind of physician that all physicians should strive to be. He is knowledgeable and practical. He actually listened to my concerns, and we even talked a little about life in general. He also relates to the patient as a whole being and not a science project. I can’t recommend him enough and encourage anyone to see him as their primary doctor.”  – Village Medical Patient, Houston, TX

  • [Brian] Cross always takes to time to explain medical condition, medication options, side effects. He truly cares about his patients and has been my Primary Care Physician 16+ years and with his care I hope we have many more years to go. I highly recommend Dr. Brian Cross and Kimberly Glass. All the nurses are professionals and thorough in asking about their patients’ conditions, symptoms and general changes in their lifestyle over the period of time since their last visit to access why they may feel bad and document everything for the physicians. Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Lab staff is top notch, and all the other support staff are excellent in their jobs.” – Village Medical Patient, Griffin, GA

  • [Megan] Blackburn and her team at Village Medical always take care of me and treat me with respect and kindness. I always feel like my health is their top priority and I do not feel rushed to leave. Sometimes there is a wait but it’s because Dr. Blackburn takes her time with every patient to make sure all their questions and concerns are addressed.” – Village Medical Patient, Phoenix, AZ

Why Doctors Do What They Do

The road to being a doctor is neither easy nor short. Four years for an undergraduate degree, four more for medical school and a minimum of three years of residency. Most doctors are in their 30s by the time they finish their schooling and training which begs the question, why do it. We decided the best people to answer that question were our doctors themselves.

  • “There are a lot of things I love about being a family physician, but I find one of the most rewarding things that I do is being able to form long standing relationships and engage my patients in becoming active participants in their healthcare. It's incredibly gratifying to work together to improve their quality of life through good health.”  - Jenny Ho, DO, Village Medical Arizona

  • “My greatest reward as a physician over the last 40 years would be the gift given to me by countless patients and families – sharing their fears, anxieties and pain and trusting me to help their circumstances. I have been allowed to share in moments of great sorrow and great joy. This gift is very humbling. In today’s busy world, it is often difficult to keep focused on our primary goal. Before I see each patient, I try to spend a few seconds to regain focus. Then I walk to the door, as we all do, armed with a stethoscope, a little bit of knowledge, and a resolution to do the best I can. The day is fast approaching when I will see my last patient. I know I will miss those moments with the patients and the families. The computer, not so much!”  - Julius DeBroeck, MD, Village Medical Texas

  • “As a primary care physician, I like having the ability to connect with a variety of people and the opportunity it provides me to make a difference in their lives.”  - Brian Cross, MD, Village Medical Georgia

Medicine has come a long way from the days of Hippocrates, but one thing has not changed and that is our doctors love of humanity.

In celebration of National Doctors' Day, take a moment to thank the doctors in your life for their dedication, compassion and expertise. Whether through a simple thank-you note, a kind gesture, or a donation to a medical charity, let us show our appreciation for the doctors who work tirelessly to keep us all healthy and safe.

*An advanced practice provider is defined as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

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